Two Year Trainer Anniversary

08 Jun Two Year Trainer Anniversary

When I sit and think about it, I still can’t believe that it has been two years now since I have became a personal trainer. If you were to ask me growing up and as I was finishing college what I wanted to do with my life, being a personal trainer definitely wasn’t the plan. I will go more into depth in another post regarding my journey to where I am at now, as for this post I want to share with you a few photos and thoughts from my party.


Going into my two year party I was pretty overwhelmed and stressed out, I have never planned a party before. Usually for my birthday I go to D&B to keep it simple so for me to actually throw an event on my own was a lot. My close friends know that I am a worrier and when I say I am a worrier, I always tend to worry if people are having fun or not, if they’re okay or not, so on and so forth. The whole night seems like a blur to me to be honest but a big beautiful blur. When hosting a party I have learned that it is very hard to spend quality time with everyone individually. I am truly thankful that everyone mixed and mingled with each other, it really made me happy to see people make new friends and reconnect with those that they haven’t seen in a while.


I want to thank everyone who made the drive to my party that night! From San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire to name a few cities- I can never put into words how much it meant to me to see you all there! My wonderful girlfriends Sarah, Han, Bopha, Lannee who helped with tables, decorations, stress and more throughout the weeks- you girls are so amazing and I appreciate everything! My pageant papi and event coordinator Tony, thank you for bringing my party to life! I am thankful to have worked with you and Inviscus on this event and am hoping for more anniversaries to celebrate together. I also would love to thank Doner G for catering dinner that night and for your wonderful staff! Everyone raved about the food and hospitality! To all of my friends and clients…gosh basically EVERYONE! I can honestly go on and on about all of you. I just hope every single person knows that I valued them being there. Last but definitely not least, thank you to my boyfriend for driving down and helping me with everything from set up to taking me home to clean up the next day to literally everything in between. You are a true blessing my love!

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I wouldn’t be able to celebrate a two year trainer anniversary if it weren’t for all of these amazing people there that night and those there in spirit. I am truly blessed with an amazing support system, one that I will never take fore granted. Thank you all for being in my life, cheers to many more years of us celebrating life together.

Wish you were able to be here tonight Mom. I know this is one of the many events that you won’t physically be able to attend but I know that your spirits are forever present in all that I do. You always loved red and pink for events, it was only fitting that my dress was one of your favorite colors. I miss you, I love you.