July 9th 2016

09 Jul July 9th 2016

It’s been a rough week with so much going through my heart, mind and soul. Every single day I am still trying to work through my personal pain of missing my Mom which I know will be something that I will need to work on for the rest of my life. At 27 I still feel like I am learning so much about myself, life, work, love and more. When I was younger, I thought that as I approached 30 I would have my life all figured out but truth of the matter is I still feel so lost sometimes. Getting older and becoming an adult has been confusing and hard. It definitely has not been all rainbows and butterflies. I am grateful for all of the lessons and hardships that I have endured..yet sometimes it’s all just too overwhelming.

As many of you know this past week there were multiple innocent lives taken away due to police brutality. I honestly cannot imagine how a police officer can shoot someone who is not resisting or causing harm multiple times then leave them for dead. In both videos of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, I feel so saddened by the injustice and inhumanity. Back to back days there were videos released of police killing innocent people. The following day a sniper kills five innocent police officers during a protest in Dallas. I still cannot wrap my head around any of it at all. I feel sad, scared, shocked, disappointed and more. This has been happening for years and I will continue to pray that incidents like this will stop. I pray that the lives of those killed will find justice. We need to treat each other like human beings. At the end of the day it’s people killing people.

It feels like there has been so many deaths going around and today it hit home for me. I woke up to devastating news of my friend and fellow personal trainer Lavell. He and his two children ages 3 and 9 months passed away last night in a tragic car accident. I broke down in tears all morning and spent the day on my phone looking at articles and dedications of him, thinking back on all of the good times, praying for his wife and family, questioning why this happened. I had the honor of knowing Lavell for the past two years. He was such an incredible man, a one of a kind man that made an impact on everyone’s life. I was just talking to him on Thursday night at work, it’s Saturday and he’s gone. I know we all hear it but it really is true- you never know when the last time may be. The night I left my Mom’s hospital room I never thought that would be the last time. I’m glad I told her I loved her. I’m glad I was able to talk to Lavell at work. We were talking about life and work and he was making everyone laugh and smile as usual. Everything that Lavell did was for his family, he was always in the gym grinding with his clients to give his family the best life possible. Every time I came into the gym he was there working. He called all of us champs and had this special essence about him- he made everyone feel important and cared for. The world truly lost a one of a kind man today. Thank you so much Lavell for everything that you did. You made an everlasting imprint in my life. You are one of the main reasons why I was able to walk away from certain situations in my life. I remember in August of 2014 I was crying outside of the gym, you were pulling up and walked over to me after you parked. You listened to me, you gave me advice, you made me remember my worth. The fact that you took the time to comfort me meant the world to me and you will honestly never know how much that day meant to me. I will always remember you and I am truly so grateful to have known you. I will always pray for you, your kids, your wife, your family. Rest In Peace Lavell Mann, Logan Mann, Legend Mann.<3

Every day there are people dying- sometimes they are people that we don’t know, sometimes they are our friends, sometimes they are our family. Please pray for all those who have lost their lives and to pray for the world. We need more peace, justice, love and happiness.