18 Jul Change

Change. Growing up I was scared of change and thought that it was a bad thing. For example when someone would say “you changed”, I used to take it as a negative comment but as I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate change for it means that there has been growth. Change however can be a scary thing at times, when my Mom passed that was the biggest change of my life that I am still getting adjusted to. However with the change of not having her physically here it has taught me to adapt to life and all of the other changes that may happen along the way.

Sometimes change happens on it own, sometimes you create the change. Recently I felt the need to create change in my life- I needed something new, something different. So I did just that- I created change.

First change was getting a membership at a new gym. For the past 8 years I have been a 24 Hour Fitness member, I always got the Costco 2 year membership because it was super cheap when you broke down the monthly rate. In February my membership expired and I didn’t renew it because I didn’t have the budget to renew it. Although it was cheap monthly, paying the 2 years upfront was a pretty penny. I figured I would save money by using the gym that I work at in the mean time since I already pay rent there monthly. However driving 25 minutes to the gym was not ideal for me on days when I didn’t have clients to train. I wanted to get a membership to a gym close by home but this time I wanted something different. I didn’t want to go to 24 Hour Fitness anymore because I got tired of the energy that was there and the $40/month wasn’t appealing to me either.


For those who have been following me for years you would know this but for those who do not know, my first job in the fitness industry was at Crunch. I worked front desk/admin at Crunch Placentia in 2013 for a few months before I started to pursue my personal training dreams. It’s crazy how years passed and now I am back as a member. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the decision to come back here, it’s a refreshing change. What I enjoy about Crunch is that it’s a friendly environment to work out in compared to 24. There aren’t people in groups taking over equipment, flexing all the time, grunting or acting like they’re the shit at the gym. Being in the fitness industry and just being an observant person, I honestly know that a lot of people are intimidated to work out, I know I was when I first started- it’s because the gym can be a scary place and not everyone is mindful of their actions and/or attitudes. It’s been really nice going to a gym that is friendly, clean and where the weights are re-racked. I felt like a new gym was what I needed to get out of my funk with working out, I can see progress and most importantly I feel good about working out again.

FullSizeRender (11)IMG_2455


Next change was my hair! As you guys have seen on my Instagram this past Friday I chopped off my long locks and went short…and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been contemplating going short for months now, since March to be exact when I posted a photo of me with just my short layers. I wanted to but I was scared, it may not seem like a big deal to some but to me my hair was like a security blanket of some sort. I guess after being told I have “long pretty hair” for so long, I had this notion in my head that my hair wouldn’t be pretty if it wasn’t long. My hair has not been short since I graduated high school in 2006- man 10 years already! I still cannot believe it’s been a decade now since I graduated high school..time really does fly. I’ve heard a lot of regret stories when it came to going from long hair to short but there is no regret here! All of my girlfriends are like “you finally did it!” and I’m like yuppppp I sure did. I literally kept saying I would do it “next week” for months, since I kept thinking about it I obviously knew that it was something I wanted to do- I just needed to do it, and I did.

These two changes are simple but it honestly made a big difference in my mood and feelings. Change sometimes can be hard but change can be good if you are needing it- and Lord knows I have been needing it. Life is going to continue on whether or not you make a change, go after your goals, etc etc. Are you going to spend your days thinking about doing something that you want or are you going to do it? A lot of us including myself from time to time get into a routine and we forget to realize that life is passing us by; when you feel that things are becoming too familiar- have the courage to do something different and new. Dare to create a change for yourself. It doesn’t have to be cutting your hair or getting a new gym membership- it could be as simple as trying out a new restaurant that you’ve been thinking about, traveling to a new city, pursuing something you have been holding back on, it could be anything. Change is scary but I think it’s even scarier to stay the same and live inside a box. I am sure you’ve heard it time and time again but life truly is short. Live a life that makes you feel excited, fulfilled and happy.¬†You really are in more control than you think.

Change is what you make of it.

Anne Phung