Unplug to recharge

11 Aug Unplug to recharge

Instagram, Snapchat, my website, YouTube, Twitter- as much as I love social media, I love my real life more and I always try to have balance between the two. For those who follow me on my different social media apps, you can tell which ones I use the most and the ones where I don’t post as often. For some it’s a full on job, for me it’s something I enjoy doing because of all the beautiful connections I have made with people around the world. If it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t have the opportunity of meeting all of my wonderful clients, people that are inspired by me and those that I am inspired by. I have a lot of ideas and goals for myself with certain outlets such as my website and YouTube, I haven’t created as much content as I would like even though I have a million ideas in my mind all the time. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to do everything by myself. It would be a lot easier to hire someone to film and edit for me but being the person that I am I like to learn things myself first and know that I can do it for myself. So for those who are wondering if I will vlog, yes I will…eventually. Speaking to people is easy for me, speaking in front of a camera for a long period of time is something that I am not used to but I guess it’s kind of like snapping. Haha. I go back and forth a lot with what I should do whether it is to vlog more on YouTube or to have writing content here on my website. I know what I want to say I just have to decide whether I want to express it via vlog or write it via a post. My ultimate goal is to share my thoughts and experiences in hopes that it can help others. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it, I just have to decide how I want to.

For those who avidly follow me, you see that I use Snapchat the most. My SC is mainly of food and my clients. Best of both worlds! You know what I miss on my SC? The Anne and Lytwerk show! Hahah I miss my cousin. She’s been doing her thang with her make up and I am very proud of her. Definitely need to get a snapisode of her sometime soon. What I like about SC is that it’s easy to use and that you guys can see what I’m doing. I want to show you guys that you can live a balanced life and do EVERYTHING that you want to do. I feel like all of my social media outlets are a little bit of everything of my life because my life is more than one thing. I’ve said it numerous times, although I am a personal trainer- my life is more than just fitness. I don’t let it control and run my life. I love food, I love alcohol, I love going out. It’s very important to me to live a well rounded life instead of doing the same shit day in and day out like a robot. Conformity to me is basically like death. We need to do more of what we want while we still have time on this Earth. Recently I went to HARD Summer and as you guys know I love snapping events I go to so that people who don’t go can experience it. However during this event, I took a few photos and snap and then put my phone away to fully enjoy and take it all in…and it felt soooo good! Being in the moment with JP, my friends and the music- man…it was amazing! Often times we all are guilty of wanting to capture the moment and failing to simply live in it. Yea it’s great to have photos and videos but honestly if the memories meant something, they will already be engraved in your mind and soul.

Being an influencer on social media, I do feel the responsibility to stay active. When I receive emails, comments and snaps from people telling me that I inspire them to live a balanced life, to work hard and play hard, to be happy, to be healthy- it really makes my heart happy because more than anything I want to ┬ámake a positive impact with my life. I collab with brands from time to time but I wouldn’t call myself a brand influencer, if I had to title myself I would be a life influencer- I aspire to inspire others with my success, my failures, my life. In our own ways, we are all life influencers. We all have so much to share with the world. We all hold value. I hope people know that you don’t need X amount of followers to inspire others. Do it in your own way and just know that inspiring and helping one individual means you are making a difference.

I strive to have my social media and my life reflect one another. I feel that I am the same person on IG, Snapchat and in person. There’s no need to pretend to be someone that you’re not on a post. Remember that. Whether you want to stay plugged all the time and feel like you need to be on, just remember that a recharge is always needed and that being unplugged is what’s best sometimes to feel refreshed.

Anne Phung