20 Oct #Coffeeannethoughts

10:59pm on a Thursday night and I am laying here in bed sore from my graston appointment with @highfivehandtherapy. Sore but extremely happy because for the longest time I have had dull knots in my shoulder and back. As I am getting older I am truly understanding how important it is to take care of my body and I am not just talking about the aesthetics. At one point I worked towards having abs and a big butt however after competing and everything I’ve gone through these last two years, I’m over that mentality. I work out and I eat. If I get abs cool, if not cool. I have worked for a long time to be healthy and happy mentally and emotionally, something that I never want to lose again over physical appearance. My body has changed and will keep changing, I remind myself to constantly work from within and the rest will follow.

As I lay here, I’m just thinking about life and a million other things per usual. I just uploaded a post on IG about my writing and it gave me the urge to just come here and write. You know, sometimes I really do wonder if anyone reads my posts..I mean I know people do but I still wonder. Lately I’ve been feeling a craving for substance, words, knowledge- something more than just pretty photos on Instagram. Sometimes when I am on Instagram and I am scrolling and looking at pages, I feel like everything looks similar these days. From fitness pages to food pages to fashion pages,- a lot of people look alike, dress alike and eat alike. Everything just looks so similar and I find myself uninspired sometimes. To be honest I have unfollowed a lot of pages that I no longer find interest or inspiration from. If you ever feel that way about me, I would hope that you do the same because I wouldn’t want to take up space in your life. No hard feelings. Things change, feelings change, people change. That’s just life and I feel that while we still have time on this Earth we should take in as much as we can and to take in as many different things as possible.

I like writing down my feelings like this from time to time, as if I am writing in my diary except that it’s public to the world. I share a lot of my life with the world and I’ve been asked by friends and strangers how and why I am so open. To be honest, I just am. I’ve always been an out-going person and as I have gotten older and have gone through more experience I have realized that we are share the same life experiences but at different times and in different variations. Regardless of our age, ethnicity, location, social status, etc- we are all human. If I can help someone by simply sharing my experience, I honestly will do it every chance that I get. Helping others has been one of my greatest purposes in life, I feel that my life is more fulfilled and I am happier knowing that I am making someone else’s life better.

This post is basically me just writing out loud whatever is on my mind and if I can leave you with anything, I want you to do something greater for yourself and for the world. Don’t follow the current trends on social media, be yourself and be fucking amazing at it. There’s too many replicas out there and not enough originals. Follow your passion, serve your purpose- whatever it is that ignites that spark in your soul, do it! Do it and give it all that you have.

Till next time,
Anne Phung


  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being so candid with your life. Sharing your struggles and triumphs lets me and us know that behind the beautiful, successful person we see on IG has had relatable life events. It's true when we see someone on social media , we think WOW! She's so lucky to have all these accomplishments, I wish I can be like her. But then you read these posts and WOW! What a beautiful soul. So positive, so honest and real. That, is what we like the most about other people. We admire stories and envy pictures. Simply because we have the belief that we're not as fortunate. I'll share what helps me, since you're always sharing. I love creating scrapbooks and success/goal posters. This allows me to flip through my life when I'm feeling low. And tge poster board helps put my vision of life yo reality. Kinda like my own social media site to admire. Lol Anyway, thank you for being you! I wish you nothing but great success! You, I and we all deserve it. Sending you good vibes and big hug because hugs are awesome. -Anne
  • Definitely keep it up, Anne! Just know that a lot of people, like me, may be quiet (lowkey followers) behind all social medias, but we are always supporting you and looking forward to these posts. You may not realize it, but I am sure you've helped so many, and even indirectly :)  You are best at what you do when you can actually change someone's life and health for the better from thousands of miles away, and that's exactly what you have motivated me to achieve.  Now your words of empathy and experiences brightens my day and influences me to be the happier person I can be, despite some hardships. As you said, strive for my passion and be unapologetic, and that I will. -Kim
  • Keep being you Anne! Writings like this go a long way and sparks all sorts of fires in people. Reading this definitely motivates and inspires me to become a better version of myself inside and outside of the gym. We're all on our own journeys and genuine readings like yours don't come often. So I really appreciate you taking the time to put more of yourself out there to hopefully inspire from your experience "Anne" your thoughts!