18 Jan 2017

It’s 2017. January 18th, 2017 to be exact. It is almost three weeks into this year new and so far, so good. I used to be a resolution type of person, I would have a list of all of the things that I wanted to change and accomplish in the new year but I rarely followed through with them. As I have gotten older what has worked for me is to be conscious of bettering myself each and every day, to not expect a new year to bring change. If I really wanted change, I would have already been working on it well before the new year came. I entered 2017 without huge expectations, the only thing that I expected of myself was to give it my best. It’s definitely something easier said than done and this year I am working a lot harder to be more accountable for myself.

In 2016 I felt that I accomplished a lot and towards the end of the year I took a step back to observe the world before me. I noticed myself posting less on social media and it felt so much nicer to just live in the moment than to try and capture it all of the time. This past year was my first full year of working for myself again and to be honest it was been a very financially trying year of my life. Going from personal training along with an office job to solely depending on myself for income is rough and at times I miss the security of having a paycheck every two weeks. Yet knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of my clients is such a rewarding feeling. It makes the early morning, odd hours and hustle worthwhile to see their progress, to see their happiness. Being a young entrepreneur in a competitive social media driven world has been quite the learning experience, it challenges me each and every day, it keeps me on my toes and it keeps me hungry to keep working hard to create a better life not only for myself but for my clients.

As I’ve worked to help others in their fitness and life journeys, the one person that I focused on the most in 2016 was myself. I’m a work in progress, I am still learning every day and I am still healing every day from my Mom’s passing. There are days when I am feeling great and there are still days where I am in between feelings. The days where I am in between, I make sure that I address my feelings and as to why I am experiencing those feelings. My anxiety has been a lot better and in 2016 I didn’t experience as many anxiety attacks as I did in 2015. What has helped me deal with my anxiety is me acknowledging that I have it, to stop putting my heart mind and soul on autopilot, to let myself know that it is okay to not be okay. I used to be the type of person who thought that I always had to be strong, that’s all I knew how to be so I felt that I couldn’t be any other way. I’ve shared so much of my life on social media and for a period of time after my Mom’s passing I felt that I had to be strong but the more I tried carrying on without dealing with my emotions, the more it ate at me and put me in a dark place. I am no longer in that dark place I once was, it hasn’t been easy and there are still times where I have a bad day but I have learned to channel my pain into my purpose to live. Healing takes time and to be honest I don’t think I will ever completely heal from losing my Mom but I am in a much better place than I was last year and in 2015.

The last few months I have been practicing minimalism and adding it into my lifestyle, it has been making a really positive impact on me. I noticed how cluttered my life felt because I had so much stuff in it, so much unnecessary stuff that is taking up space. I realized how much money I was spending on materialistic things that served no true purpose in my life. I began noticing how many things I kept due to it being sentimental  but it truly did not bring me any spark of joy. I came across Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” at a TJMaxx while I looking for new room decor to remodel my room. I began applying her theories to my life and it truly did change my life. Minimalism and #KonMari has been two unexpectedly blessings that came into my life when I was least looking and now my life will never be the same. I have been working hard on decluttering my room and my life which I will be sharing in a post soon.

Simplicity has such a beauty to it that often times gets lost in this fast paced and technology driven world. I remember always looking for more even though I already had plenty. Often times I feel that we forget to appreciate what we have and only realize it when it’s gone. I made that mistake when my Mom was still alive and I want to make sure that I don’t make that same mistake again with my other loved ones and the valuable time that I have left on this Earth.

There’s a lot I want to experience and accomplish in 2017, I want to thank you for accompanying and supporting me on this journey that is my life. May this new year bring us continued health, happiness, love and success.

Anne Phung

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  • Hey Anne, I hope you had an awesome new year and an awesome first month for 2017!  I thought of texting you but figured I comment after reading this post! I love what you wrote about resolutions. They are great, but I totally believe in starting now! The New Year doesn't have to be the only time for change!  Thanks for being my lowkey inspiration for the past 3 years!