Annes ArMy


When I think of #annesarmy, it brings such a smile to my face. I feel like it is a collective of individuals who are open minded, supportive, goal driven, fun and so much more. What started off as a way for me to connect with my clients has become something that connects me to people who follow and support me via social media. I’ve gotten IG posts and snaps from people in other states and around the world with #annesarmy. Sometimes it’s pictures of people working out, sometimes it’s of people eating donuts, sometimes it’s of people drinking Jameson. Haha. I think it’s so awesome that people feel comfortable enough with me to be themselves. I think that is what’s most important to me- that people can be themselves. If you look at my friends and clients, we are all unique and bring something different to the table. I’ve never been the cookie-cutter conformist type. In my opinion, if everyone around you dresses alike, think alike, act alike- how will you be able to learn and grow if everything around you is the same? Dare to step outside the box. Befriend those of different cultures, religions, ideas, goals. I’ve witness numerous friendships that have been made at my boot camps that have gone beyond the training classes and that is honestly one of my prized accomplishments- to have created a place where people can come, connect and build genuine friendships. I definitely have made lifetime friendships and I am thankful every day for them. To everyone who supports and believes in my ideas and vision, thank you so much. For without you all these dreams of mine wouldn’t have become a reality. Looking forward to growing with you all! #annesarmy