Christina Mojica

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02 Jun Christina Mojica

Anne Phung's bootcamp is the first bootcamp I have ever tried and I'm really glad I decided to take that chance! I had never truly considered myself someone who could be strong enough to do a bootcamp. I was more into cardio and focused simply on trying to get skinny. But after following Anne's bootcamp for months on social media, I decided to go for it and I absolutely loved it! Only one month of her bootcamp, I already felt more energized and could see some results. She doesn't go easy on you but all the sweat and effort is worth it. You definitely feel such a high after working out with Anne and she continues to push you past your limits. She's created such a supportive environment while also keeping the pressure on you to always do better than last time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a lifestyle change, physically, mentally, and emotionally.