Jenny Lau

02 Jun Jenny Lau

My name is Jenny Lau - 28 years old, single parent of one. Before joining's Anne boot camp last year in September 2015, I was doing the regular workouts at the gym, such as cardio and weights training. My mindset then was to get back to my post baby weight which was 105 lbs. I was fluctuating up and down because I would be doing the workouts, but my diet remained unchanged. Therefore, I was not seeing the results that I wanted. In 2012, I gained a lot of weight. 116 lbs. to 138 lbs. due to depression from my mother's passing from battling Leukemia. To some people 138 lbs. is not consider heavy, but for my height of 5" 2' I was obese.


Last year, I decided to take the initiative to find a solution as to how I can be comfortable with my weight and still achieve my goal of gaining muscle mass. I followed Anne on Instagram so I decided to join her class. I didn’t know what to expect in boot camp as it was my first time. First day of class, Anne had us introduced ourselves as to what our goals were and had a little chat about myself. I always had an issue with self-esteem and confidence so it was difficult for me to express myself.  But I felt welcomed and accepted with the group of girls I met that day. I’ve been with Anne’s boot camp from September 2015 to January 2016. I decided to take a two months break. I was working 2 jobs and wanted to spend more time with my daughter.


After returning from her boot camp in April, I felt like I had to start over again in my progress since I pretty much gained back my weight during those off months. I love the motivation we girls give each other and the consistent encouragement Anne gives us. I get more workouts done, targeting multiple muscles, in an hour than I do in a week at the gym. We did all the moves in groups of two, three, or even four depending on our headcounts.  Anne demonstrates the moves and provides us assistance on the correct form.  It’s not about how many repetitions or how quickly you can finish, it’s more about focusing on the proper technique and form of doing the exercises.


I learned a lot of new workouts from Anne’s class and although my food choices still haven’t been coordinating with my workouts, I am still determined I will reach my goal. I gained a lot of knowledge and built a connection with the girls from her boot camps. Anne is truly a genuine, loving, and caring person. Her words of encouragement has inspired me to feel more confident. I no longer care about the specific number on the scale and realized that what matters more is that I am happy. I am very blessed to be part of the boot camp as I’ve met beautiful women who inspire and have similar goals as me, and became good friends with. I want to thank Anne, for the inspiration she has given, which allowed me to be more comfortable with my body.


Warm Regards,

Jenny Lau