Judy Lao

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02 Jun Judy Lao

Training with Anne has been a rewarding and uplifting experience. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety for over 10 years and have been told many times to work out to feel better. For me, it didn’t work and I simply was not motivated enough to be consistent. I’ve tried many things that were good and bad for me, I’ve taken the medications and seen therapists, and I’ve tried various fitness training programs. I recently begun to feel happy and at peace with myself, but fitness was still something I could not successfully integrate into my life. When I decided to attend Anne’s boot camp, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I received has been invaluable. Anne not only helps you reach your fitness goals, but she encourages you to be yourself, love yourself, and create a meaningful life. Her openness and honesty is refreshing and her spirit is contagious. The community and relationships she builds with her clients are a solid foundation for you to start or continue your fitness journey. I have received compliments on my progress and I feel myself becoming stronger and my form getting better, but the most important thing I’ve gained from her training was the confidence, strength, and the support that has helped me continue to overcome my depression and work towards a healthy, stronger mind. Her method of being both professional and compassionate is the reason why I continue to see her. Anne truly cares for her clients and I know that she will continue to touch and change many lives both physically and mentally.